Logstash downloads

A filter for Logstash parsing PI-Hole logs + Dashboard to visualize the data

A Logstash Pipeline to collect json logs from Talend ESB & MDM.

Logstash Pipeline to load Meraki logs via Syslog into Elasticsearch

More about Logstash

What is Logstash?

Logstash is a free and open information handling pipeline tool that ingests data from a large number of sources, changes it, and afterward sends it to your most loved “stash.” which is usually Elasticsearch.

Logstash progressively ingests, changes, and ships your information paying little heed to arrange or intricacy. Get structure from unstructured information with grok, interpret geo arranges from IP addresses, anonymize or prohibit delicate fields, and simplicity generally handling.

Information is regularly dispersed or siloed across numerous frameworks in numerous configurations. Logstash upholds an assortment of information sources that pull in occasions from a large number of basic sources, all simultaneously. Effectively ingest from your logs, measurements, web applications, information stores, and different AWS administrations, all in ceaseless, streaming style.