Elastic Solutions are a great addition to the common usage of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and Beats. They combine the power of all tools and provide best practice implementation for their specific key area. However using Elastic Solutions in Kibana also feels limited from time to time as you need to stick to the UI of the specific solution. If you want to get more out of the data you need to create your own dashboard based on Elastic Common Schema (ECS) to reuse the data that is also used in the Elastic Solutions. Here you find community driven dashboards and other conent that enhancing the OOTB experience of any Elastic solution.

Solutions downloads

Cloudflare dashboards and ingest pipelines to visualize cloudflare logs

ACSC Advisory IOCs detection rules for Elastic SIEM

Kibana dashboard example visualizing the results of the Elastic SIEM detection engine

Kibana Dashboard example to visualize osquery performance

Logstash Pipeline to load Meraki logs via Syslog into Elasticsearch

A Kibana Canvas dashboard example that visualizes suricata logs collected with Filebeat.

This is a simple canvas dashboard example that analyzes logs created by Filebeat.

A collection of rules based on the Sigma detection rules for web server looks, e.g. apache, nginx or IIS.

A collection of rules based on the Sigma detection rules for proxy server and web server looks, e.g. zeek or suricata.

More about Solutions

Search is the foundation of all kinds of experiences—from finding documents to monitoring infrastructure to preventing security threats. Elastic is a search company that supports three solutions built on a powerful stack: Elastic Stack. Deploy them anywhere (from cloud to bare metal) to instantly find actionable insights from any type of data.

What is Elastic Security?

Elastic Security equips security teams to stop threats quickly and at cloud scale, with the best-in-class platform for prevention, detection, and response.

Its the first free and open XDR solution and its one of the leading SIEM technologies that you can find. One of the great things about Elastic Security is the combination of free Elastic Endpoint Security and the free Elastic SIEM in one single solution. That makes it really handy to start with your Security project and improve it over time to perfectly fit into your needs.

What is Elastic Observability?

Bring your logs, metrics, and APM traces together at scale in a single stack so you can monitor and react to events happening anywhere in your environment. And it’s free and open.

With Elastic Observability you get everything you need to monitor your full IT Landscape. It starts with the Infrastructure monitoring, including network monitoring but also fulfils the needs for complete Application level monitoring using the APM technology. Going with Elastic Observability provides the ability to extend your current monitoring landscape with every single bit that is missing. And at the same time you also have the ability to replace more expensive tools with this free solution.