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Version 8.x downloads

Watcher job to integrate ChatGPT in Elasticsearch

Watcher job to integrate ChatGPT API from OpenAI in Elasticsearch. Helpful to find solutions for error messages very quick.

Ingest Pipeline Monitoring

This Kibana dashboard can be used monitor your ingest pipelines

Kibana Maps with Open Weather Map

This is the default basemap of Kibana incl. the Open Weather Map tile for temperature, wind and pressure

Impossible travel transform job

Impossible travel detection by calculating the distance between two login locations in combination with the time between the two logins

Terraform Elasticsearch environments

Terraform example scripts to deploy Elastic Cloud Clusters + all necessary components in AWS and GCP

AWS Cloudtrail Monitoring dashboard

Deep insights into AWS Cloudtrail events for SIEM and Monitoring

AWS VPCFlow Kibana dashboard

Kibana dashboard for AWS VPCFlow log events

Elastic Stack Monitoring Dashboard

Kibana dashboards that is showing the monitoring data collected by Elastics in built monitoring capabilities.

Kubernetes architecture overview

Vega visualization to show the dependencies between the different Kubernetes components in a single visualization

CMDB dependency in Kibana Dashboard

Kibana vega example to show how to load visualize relationships between different infrastructure and network components in vega.