With Elastic Enterprise search you can search any data you have anywhere you like. In addition to that its implemented in only a few minutes. With Elastic Enterprise search you can implement feature rich and modern search applications based on Elasticsearch. In a very short time you can add pretuned search to your website, app, or workplace. With the following examples you can extend the out of the box experience of the Elastic Stack.

Elastic Enterprise Search downloads

A Kibana dashboard that visualizes the result of the crawler from Elastic Enterprise Search

More about Elastic Enterprise Search

Elastic Enterprise Search comes with three flavours.

1.) Elastic App Search

With App Search you can integrate the power of Elasticsearch in any app you like including powerful admin and analysis backend to analyse the search experience of your users.

Elastic App Search is a refined set of APIs and intuitive dashboards that helps to quickly implement and maintain search within your Web applications.

2.) Elastic Site Search

Site search offers the same possibilities that you have with App Search but it eases the ingestion of the data for search. The ingestion of your web application is powered by our crawler. The Elastic Crawler makes it easy to ingest any type of data that exists in the web.

3.) Elastic Workplace Search

Workplace Search powers your team productivity with flexible search that easily finds information across all of your company’s content sources including Salesforce, Google Workspace, Atlassian Product Suite, Slack, Microsoft Sharepoint, Box, Github, and more.