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Version 7.x downloads

Watcher job to integrate ChatGPT in Elasticsearch

Watcher job to integrate ChatGPT API from OpenAI in Elasticsearch. Helpful to find solutions for error messages very quick.

Ingest Pipeline Monitoring

This Kibana dashboard can be used monitor your ingest pipelines

Kubernetes architecture overview

Vega visualization to show the dependencies between the different Kubernetes components in a single visualization

CMDB dependency in Kibana Dashboard

Kibana vega example to show how to load visualize relationships between different infrastructure and network components in vega.

Elastic Cloud Monitoring dashboard

Kibana dashboard that uses the Elastic Cloud monitoring data to provide better insights into what’s happening in your cloud environment.

Google Cloud Log Ingestion dashboard

Canvas Board to analyze the log data collection of Google Cloud via Dataflow using the Google Cloud Metric module data

Google Cloud monitoring dashboard

Dashboard to monitor GCP resources using different metrics and logs.

Buttons for Kibana dashboards

Link to every content you want within your Kibana dashboards. This example is using links to cloud providers.

OpenSIEM Logstash Parsing

Logstash Parsing Configurations for Elastic SIEM parses many different sources into ECS

Elastic Cloud Billing data collection and Kibana dashboard

Pulls Elastic Cloud Billing information from the Billing API then sends it to an Elasticsearch cluster and visualizes the results in Kibana dashboards.