Dashboard examples

Kibana dashboard example visualizing the results of the Elastic SIEM detection engine

This bundle enhances the Kibana alerting experience. Storing all relevant information in indices and visualize the data in dashboards.

Kibana Dashboard example to visualize osquery performance

A filter for Logstash parsing PI-Hole logs + Dashboard to visualize the data

This dashboard shows the history of executed watcher jobs.

A Kibana Canvas dashboard example that visualizes suricata logs collected with Filebeat.

This is a simple canvas dashboard example that analyzes logs created by Filebeat.

Kibana canvas example showing an office screen with weather, news and stock information

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Kibana Canvas dashboard that shows an aggregated view on the results of the detection engine in Elastic Security.

More about Dashboard

Kibana gives you the freedom to select the way you give shape to your data. A dashboard within Kibana builds the final stage where all your visualizations live in.

With the drill down capabilties you are able to start at a very high level and dive deep into the data with just a few clicks.

Building an Kibana Dashboard is easy. But making it really great and useful for you use case can take a couple of iterations. Our Kibana Dashboard examples helping you to get an basic understanding about how Dashboards could look like.