Kibana Canvas is a data visualization and presentation tool that allows you to get real-time data from Elasticsearch, and then combine the data with colors, images, text and your imagination to create dynamic, multi-page, pixel-perfect monitor. If you are a bit creative, technical and curious, then Canvas is your ideal choice. The following section shows all Kibana Canvas examples that are already offered by our content creators. Do you also have great Kibana Canvas workpads? <a href="">Upload</a> it for the community. Its easy and free!

Canvas downloads

APM Services overview canvas

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An adaptive turn key canvas example based on Elastic APM data.

Ask Me Anything Booth – Canvas Example

This is an example canvas page that shows how to visualize using canvas in general.

More about Canvas

Kibana Canvas is great to visualize data pixel perfect. It is really easy to start and visualizing your Elasticsearch data with it. Nevertheless it is also really hard to master Kibana Canvas and get the full power out of it. Our Kibana Canvas examples helping you to get started. We have Canvas examples that run immediately after deploying it. Other Canvas examples just show you the art of whats possible.