We just launched the elastic content share. This is an community project to deliver high class content for Elastic deployments. Help us by providing feedback and content.

Content is an enormously broad concept that we use every day without really defining it. We talk about how it should be: how important relevant and share-worthy content is, how crucial it is in lead nurturing, how it makes or breaks our email marketing programs and even how it has become social currency. We seldom talk about what it really is and even less about what exactly that new umbrella term, content marketing, stands for. One thing is sure: content marketing doesn’t equal marketing content.

What is even debated less is the complexity of what makes it get shared. Indeed, complexity. Human behavior is complex. And at the same time the ingredients of content sharing are simple: people forward, retweet, like or bookmark content because they want to. Because they like to share. Because they think the content deserves it. Not as such but in the relationships with the people they share it with. Does this mean we have no influence whatsoever in what people share? Of course we have. Much more than you think (and depending on the channels as well). But every time it starts with this: relevance and context.

The focus on content relevance is normal. It has a lot to do with the increasing attention for the informative needs of the customer in a two-way world where he/she searches the content that he/she needs at that time. But – let’s be honest – we especially want to know why sharing of content happens because everyone dreams of their content being “tweeted” massively, appearing on social media bookmarking sites thousands of times and getting shared via all possible channels with viral options, including obviously email. The focus on content relevance is also a must: if it ain’t contextually relevant, don’t do it.

Content sharing is a matter of channels too. In a study, Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies established email is still used most for sharing content. These are findings that do not really surprise me. However, although email is used by 86% of the respondents for sharing content, Facebook is scoring 49%, the same study found.

The Elastic content share

The Elastic content share offers special content to its users. Whenever someone has build content for Kibana, Elasticsearch or Logstash he can share it here.

Thats great because other users can quickly start adopting that content for their use.

I always try to create valuable content for Elastic and also share the open source available content on this page.

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