Here you can find prebuilt Kibana visualizations to enhance your Kibana dashboards. This could be a special vega visualization that you can adapt to your needs or it could be a nice visualization for a specific datasource. If you download one of our dashboards there are also a lot of visualizations included. Those Kibana visualizations are not part of this Kibana download gallery.

Visualizations downloads

Vega Compound Gauge

This is a compund gauge visualization made with Vega. Its very helpful for visualization of percentage values.

Traffic light using Vega

This traffic light visualizations is build with vega. The thresholds can be defined via values within the document itself.

Sankey visualization example

This is an example of how to build an sankey visualization using the vega visualization in Kibana.

More about Visualizations

Kibana comes with a lot of different visualization types. You can built Kibana visualizations completely from scratch or use visualizations that are pre configured by Kibana. To download Kibana visualizations you just need to choose the best fit for your use case.

Kibana offers simple chart visualizations like Pie charts, Gauge charts, Line or Bar charts. To create them as easy and quick as possible Elastic offers the Lens visualization type. Lens is a drag and drop chart creation tool that ease the creation of any chart.

Kibana also offers Maps visualizations that are great to visualize any kind of geographical information. The Maps visualizations are extremely feature rich and powerful. They are a great addition to any kind of Kibana dashboard.

Using the controls visualizations in one of your dashboards you can easily set up filters that are useful to dive deeper into the data analysis.

Lastly its also possible to integrate some rich prebuilt visuals like Log streams and anomaly explorer views into your Kibana dashboard. Thats great to use all the Solutions specific features also in your custom visualization or dashboard.