This is only one runtime field from our repository. Also visit the complete Elastic runtime field repository to get the full overview of whats possible.

The Elasticsearch query DSL is very powerful to search for anything you like. You can search for concrete keyword, for phrases, for ranges of values, IPs and times and much more. But there are also some things in comparison to a SQL based query that are not so easy in Elasticsearch or Kibana Query Language. One of these challenging search features is to look for documents that have the same value in two different fields. Therefore you need the ability to compare two field values.

Comparing two field values can not be done in any of the query languages that Elastic supports. However using a runtime field you can achieve this. The concept is to compare the values using the runtime field and in the query you only search for the result of the runtime field.

emit (doc[''].value == doc[''].value);

This is a simple comparison of two field values. You may need to check the existence of both fields before doing the comparison. Otherwise you might run into shard failures on execution.

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