Successful business applications need to have good speed and load times. and alert you when the apps are ready to be archived for longer term use. Enterprise companies normally run several business apps together, so if your appliciation is relying on an high available environment, you will need to check for any issues, database lock-ins, problems due to version upgrade, etc. The Elastic Stack that consists of Kibana, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Beats can help you with that.

Business and logistics apps like freight management systems, document imaging systems, vehicle tracking systems, crime and emergency management systems, accounting and finance packages, and shipping and receiving systems are some of the most popular enterprise applications that are used by millions of individuals every day. It literally is an dozens of apps ranging from well-known to lesser known that are necessary for the operation of a business. Each business app requires specific processing instructions or instructions designed to work together with the rest of the enterprise app. These apps are very important to the success of a company. Introducing application monitoring is therefore something every DevOps Engineer needs to do.

Each app can be designed in a way that will be compatible with other apps. For example, a photography app can easily be integrated with a music player or with a gaming app. In a way, pretty much all business apps ultimately work nicely with other apps using API (Application programming interfaces). Observing these kind of interfaces is important for the availability and performance of each application. Elastic APM (Application Performance Monitoring) is doing this for you out of the box.

Application Performance Monitoring

Application performance monitoring is a crucial part of the Elastic Observability solutions. It helps to detect issues in seconds. It also helps to find the root cause for those issues in near zero time.

Performance monitoring starts at the browser level. To observe the browser you can use the RUM agent (Real User Monitoring). The RUM agent integrates with your Javascript and collects many useful information in regards of overall user experience and satisfaction. The RUM Dashboard offered by the elastic content share combines all the information in one single dashboard. That makes problem solving really easy and quick.

Why is a business app necessary?

Generally, it is a must for every business to have a place where customers or clients can interact. However, it is not enough to have customer support or a customer service hotline. An app can play that role, but a really good app should also be able to act as a place where employees or customers can come and discuss problems, resolve issues, record information and save. Having an app that does that makes your business that much more accessible to clients, as well as employees.

How does one go about getting a great looking app? That depends on the developers design. An app developer is usually connected to business and often the clients. It is vital that you find a developer who is well versed in your industry, specialized, and perhaps even specializes in the customization of your business app. Look for apps that are customizable, such as a date book, that can be changed according to your specific needs, or one that allows you to customize it as you need. Some apps have templates to help you start a new project, and an experienced developer can guide you, or suggest you to change certain elements in the app according to your current needs.

Consider the interface when you are getting a custom app made. It’s much better if the app is user friendly instead of a cluttered mess that requires too much time to navigate. Search for app developers that use all the latest technologies, so that you can be sure that the app will work utilizing the latest technology.

To make communicating easy, it is better to hire a company that specializes in providing customer support. That way you can be sure you will be connecting with a reliable source when you need help.

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