Security detections overview


This Kibana Canvas Board aggregates the data of the Detection Engine that is part of Elastic Security. It comes we a set of pre build Kibana Lens visualizations that are aggregating the data. The user can decide to got with the Kibana Canvas board or use the visualizations to work with a normal Kibana Dashboard.

You will receive more than 10 visualizations + 2 index patterns next to the Canvas board.#

The Detection Engine of Elastic Security is detection suspicious behavior based on the MITRE ATTACK Framework. Its a very powerful tool to detect threats in the security related data that has been collected with the Elastic Stack. Nevertheless there is no out of the box view that shows the results of the alerts in an aggregated fashion. Thatswhy I build this Kibana dashboard to help users to understand the current situation.

Tested versions 7.1, 7.10
ECS compliant
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