This Kibana Canvas examples shows how to load live data into Elastic in near real time and show them using Kibana Canvas dashboards.

Please note that there are image assets in this workpad that are not cannot be used for redistribution. This Canvas workpad is solely meant to be an example to learn from

Data set creates documents that contain news articles, the weather and stock information. I run a cron job on a raspberry pi to run this python script regularly every 15 minutes. API keys from Open Weather Map ( and News API ( are required and if you plan to use this, some customization may be required for your local news articles and weather.

Drag and drop the Canvas workpad canvs_office.json into the Canvas app. This is currently configured to cycle through each page in full screen mode every 5 seconds to show off the workpad, but can be adjusted to something more realistic like 1 minute.


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Tested versions 7.12
ECS compliant
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