Google Cloud monitoring dashboard

Dashboard to monitor GCP resources using different metrics and logs.

Azure billing data network

A vega visualization that shows the connection between resource group, resource type and the resource itself based on Elastic agent azure billing data integration.

Buttons for Kibana dashboards

Link to every content you want within your Kibana dashboards. This example is using links to cloud providers.

OpenSIEM Logstash Parsing

Logstash Parsing Configurations for Elastic SIEM parses many different sources into ECS

Elastic Cloud Billing data collection and Kibana dashboard

Pulls Elastic Cloud Billing information from the Billing API then sends it to an Elasticsearch cluster and visualizes the results in Kibana dashboards.

Vega Scatterplot Kibana visualization

A scatterplot visualization made with Vega Lite for Kibana

Office 365 dashboards

A collection of Kibana dashboards to provide a holistic view of Microsoft Office 365 environments

Move to next ILM phase Watcher

This watcher job is moving specific indices based on e.g. disc usage into the next ILM phase.

Crawler dashboard

A Kibana dashboard that visualizes the result of the crawler from Elastic Enterprise Search