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Coffee Canvas Example

Kibana Canvas example infographic to show coffee consumption on a wallboard

Vega advanced heat map

Vega example to show GitHub commits per author per hour of day.

Kibana alerting enhancement

This bundle enhances the Kibana alerting experience. Storing all relevant information in indices and visualize the data in dashboards.

osquery performance dashboard

Kibana Dashboard example to visualize osquery performance

PI Hole Logstash Pipeline and Dashboard

A filter for Logstash parsing PI-Hole logs + Dashboard to visualize the data

Logstash Pipeline for Talend ESB & MDM

A Logstash Pipeline to collect json logs from Talend ESB & MDM.

Logstash Meraki Pipeline

Logstash Pipeline to load Meraki logs via Syslog into Elasticsearch

Watcher History Dashboard

This dashboard shows the history of executed watcher jobs.

Filebeat Suricata Canvas dashboard

A Kibana Canvas dashboard example that visualizes suricata logs collected with Filebeat.

Filebeat Log analysis canvas example

This is a simple canvas dashboard example that analyzes logs created by Filebeat.