This YouTube Playlist of Tutorial videos and updates for Elasticsearch and Kibana will help you understand the capabilities of the Elastic Stack better. It offers a wide variety of typical tasks you need to solve when working with Elastic.

The following topics are covered within the videos.

  • 2Torial: Protect All of Your Endpoints with Elastic Security
  • Finding insights and taking action in Discover
  • 3 ways to prevent mapping explosion in Elasticsearch
  • 8 ways to visualize proportions in Kibana
  • Creating bar, line, and area charts using Kibana Lens
  • Filtering data in Kibana
  • Getting to know Kibana
  • How to use Kibana time shifts, advanced formulas, and dynamic colors
  • Exploring and querying your data
  • Shadow an Indexed Field With a Runtime Field to Fix Errors
  • Creating a Day of Week Runtime Field and Using It in Kibana
  • Ephemeral Runtime Field Using Arithmetic Operations
  • Dynamically Created Runtime Fields
  • How to Ingest WebSocket Data into the Elastic Stack
  • How to Create a Data Visualization Using Kibana Lens
  • How to Visualize Multiple Data Sets with Kibana Lens
  • How to Create a Data Table with Kibana Lens
  • How to Create a Pie Chart, Donut Chart, or Treemap using Kibana Lens
  • How to Build Your First Visualization with Kibana Lens
  • Visualize Targets with Reference Lines in Kibana
  • Logstash: Path to ECS for 8.0
  • Vector Tiles in Kibana: Making geo-analysis buttery smooth

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