azure-graph network with vega


This Kibana vega example is using the Azure billing data integration from Elastic Agent to visualize the connections between azure resource groups, azure resource types and the resources itself based on the billing data. This results in an Azure billing data network for your used resources.

It is very helpful to analyze to costs that are generated within azure and can be used to get a high level overview about the different resources being used and the amount of money it takes to run them.

Its build based on the Vega Force Directed Layout example. I also used this adaption of the example that is already using Elasticsearch data as input. The second example is visualizing the connections between different IPs and the used protocols which can be very helpful to extend Elastic Security use cases.

Using this Kibana Vega example you can learn

  • How to use Elasticsearch data to visualize with Vega
  • How to effectively use transforms to prepare your data for visualization purposes
  • How to work with customized tooltips within Kibana

Tested versions 8.x
ECS compliant Yes
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