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Kibana Canvas dashboard that shows an aggregated view on the results of the detection engine in Elastic Security.

This is a working clock visualization in UTC time.

This is a playable version of pacman made with Vega.

This is a compund gauge visualization made with Vega. Its very helpful for visualization of percentage values.

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This canvas examples shows some possibilities of how to visualize data flows. Every flow can be activated / deactivated based on your Elasticsearch data.

This canvas examples shows timetable data from trains. Its build based on the real world information panel in german trian stations. Its refreshing based on current time.

This traffic light visualizations is build with vega. The thresholds can be defined via values within the document itself.

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An adaptive turn key canvas example based on Elastic APM data.

This is an example canvas page that shows how to visualize using canvas in general.