This is our collection of prebuilt Kibana Dashboards. Kibana is a great tool to visualize data stored in Elasticsearch. Kibana can act as the user interface for monitoring, SIEM and general data analytics. It includes a lot of OOTB visualizations and apps. Our Kibana Dashboards collection is an extension to the default visualizations. Using them dramatically helps to customize Kibana for your needs. Therefore its always a great idea to use them.

Dashboards downloads

Ask Me Anything Booth – Canvas Example

This is an example canvas page that shows how to visualize using canvas in general.

Content overview

The Elastic Stack (formerly known as ELK stack) is a very powerful tool for any kind of Search, Monitoring or Security Use Case. Therefore using the stack to monitor itself …

RUM extension dashboard

This dashboard provide deeper insight into the real user monitoring data collected by Elastic RUM.

More about Dashboards

Kibana can be used for:

  • Logging and log analytics
  • Infrastructure metrics and container monitoring
  • Application performance monitoring (APM)
  • Geospatial data analysis and visualization
  • Security analytics / SIEM
  • Business analytics

A Kibana dashboard is a collection of charts, graphs, metrics, searches, and maps that have been collected together onto a single pane. Dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into data from multiple perspectives and enable users to drill down into the details.