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This canvas examples shows some possibilities of how to visualize data flows. Every flow can be activated / deactivated based on your Elasticsearch data.

This canvas examples shows timetable data from trains. Its build based on the real world information panel in german trian stations. Its refreshing based on current time.

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An adaptive turn key canvas example based on Elastic APM data.

This is an example canvas page that shows how to visualize using canvas in general.

This dashboard improves the visibility into your RUM data collected by the real user monitoring agent of Elastic. It will enable high level user metrics as well as insights into…

More about Dashboards

This is our collection of pre build Kibana Dashboards. Kibana is a great tool to visualize data stored in Elasticsearch. Kibana can act as the user interface for monitoring, SIEM and general data analytics. It includes a lot of OOTB visualizations and apps.

Kibana can be used for:

  • Logging and log analytics
  • Infrastructure metrics and container monitoring
  • Application performance monitoring (APM)
  • Geospatial data analysis and visualization
  • Security analytics / SIEM
  • Business analytics

A Kibana dashboard is a collection of charts, graphs, metrics, searches, and maps that have been collected together onto a single pane. Dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into data from multiple perspectives and enable users to drill down into the details.

Our Kibana Dashboards collection is an extension to the default visualizations. Using them dramatically helps to customize Kibana for your needs. Therefore its always a great idea to use them.