Kibana downloads

Office 365 dashboards

A collection of Kibana dashboards to provide a holistic view of Microsoft Office 365 environments

Crawler dashboard

A Kibana dashboard that visualizes the result of the crawler from Elastic Enterprise Search

Cloudflare Kibana dashboards

Cloudflare dashboards and ingest pipelines to visualize cloudflare logs

Lens Conversion Rate

Lens conversion rate for RUM data using Lens Formulas

ACSC Advisory IOCs detection rules

ACSC Advisory IOCs detection rules for Elastic SIEM

Threat detection Kibana dashboard

Kibana dashboard example visualizing the results of the Elastic SIEM detection engine

Coffee Canvas Example

Kibana Canvas example infographic to show coffee consumption on a wallboard

Vega advanced heat map

Vega example to show GitHub commits per author per hour of day.

Kibana alerting enhancement

This bundle enhances the Kibana alerting experience. Storing all relevant information in indices and visualize the data in dashboards.

More about Kibana

Download additional Kibana content and use it immediately within your Elastic deployment. Kibana content can be dashboards, canvas boards and any kind of visualization like pre build vega visualizations.

Kibana is a great tool to visualize any kind of data that is stored within Elasticsearch. Elastic delivers huge set of Kibana content within the Kibana apps. But users usually want to customize their dashboards and other views. Using Kibana this is possible for every kind of visualization.