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Additional Elastic Security Dashboards

Ready to use free to use Kibana dashboards for your Elastic SIEM

Elastic Observability
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Ready to use free of charge Kibana dashboards for your Application Monitoring using Elastic APM

Kibana Canvas
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Canvas Kibana dashboards visualizing your data the way you like. To make it easy for you have a look into our example gallery.

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How to use the elastic content share?

You are looking for prebuilt content to use it in your Elastic environment like Kibana dashboards, Watcher alerting rules or extensions to your observability solution? If you are a user of the Elastic SIEM as part of your Elastic Security solution you can also extend the OOTB detection engines rules. Download prebuild Kibana dashboards now instead of creating it on your own!

The elastic-content-share offers a wide variety of Elastic based content from Elastic users for Elastic users. Feel free to look around in our Download area what others has created for you. If you are content creator we would be more than happy if you would share your stuff here for the rest of world.

Deploy in seconds

The downloads you can find here can be deployed within seconds into your Elastic Cloud deployment.

Share your content

If you made a dashboard that you are proud of just share it with the Elastic community.

Learn Elastic

Use our examples and video database to learn more about how to use Elastic in your environment successfully.

Start downloading ELK Stack content now

Downloading and using Elastic content is easy. For any part of the ELK stack you are able to download relevant content here. You can have a look into specific categories or just looking at all our downloads at once.

Top contributions

Cloudflare Kibana dashboards

Cloudflare dashboards and ingest pipelines to visualize cloudflare logs

Coffee Canvas Example

Kibana Canvas example infographic to show coffee consumption on a wallboard

Elastic Cloud Billing data collection and Kibana dashboard

Pulls Elastic Cloud Billing information from the Billing API then sends it to an Elasticsearch cluster and visualizes the results in Kibana dashboards.

Office display canvas example

Kibana canvas example showing an office screen with weather, news and stock information

Vega advanced heat map

Vega example to show GitHub commits per author per hour of day.

Extensions for every part of your ELK stack

Latest contributions

RUM extension dashboard

This dashboard provide deeper insight into the real user monitoring data collected by Elastic RUM.

Download prebuilt Kibana dashboards is a great way to quickly start using Elastic in production. Kibana comes with a lot of prebuilt dashboards and templates. But its always good to see what others are using.

The Elastic Content Share provides content for Kibana like Dashboards, Visualizations and Canvas Boards. We also provide content for Elasticsearch like Watcher rules and specific mappings. Another important part is Logstash. For Logstash we provide prebuilt pipelines for different data sources. Elastic offers three different solutions based on the ELK stack, its Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Observability and Elastic Security. While this is great the users of Elastic Stack can do much more with it. In our blog articles you find many examples of how you could leverage the power of the Elastic Stack for your needs.

FAQ about download prebuilt Kibana dashboards

What is the Elastic Content Share?

The Elastic Content Share is a platform to share content like Monitoring Dashboards for all the products offered by Elastic. These products are Kibana, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Beats.

Is the Elastic Content Share a service from Elastic.co?

No, the Elastic Content Share is a project from the community. It is not officially released nor maintained by elastic.
You will find official elastic offerings at elastic.co

What is Kibana?

Kibana is an open source data visualization dashboard for Elasticsearch. It provides visualization capabilities on top of the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster. Therefore users can create bar, line and scatter plots, or pie charts and maps on top of large volumes of data.
It also provides a presentation tool, referred to as Canvas, that allows users to create slide decks that pull live data directly from Elasticsearch.

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is an open source data analysis tool. It can store very big amount of data and analyze it in milliseconds. Together with the aggregation engine its a great fit for every kind of data analysis job.
Elasticsearch is also the heart of the Elastic Stack (formely known as ELK stack).

Is the content on Elastic Content Share free of charge?

Yes we provide all the Elastic content for free. Also if you would like to share something with the community this content will be available for free.

Do I need an Elastic Cloud account to start?

No. You can always download the content without the need of an Elastic Cloud account. Nevertheless if you would like to use the one click deploy option then you need an deployment in Elastic Cloud.